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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Let's Get Selfish!

Wow, you know I was just looking forward to Sunday morning and thinking about which WIP to work on for my selfish knitting time, and I realized I have absolutely NOTHING on the needles for myself! I do, however, have a baby bib for a shower gift, a stole for a Christmas present, a scarf, a pullover, and a list of projects a mile long, all for other people. Sheesh!

So, my first big decision is what should I cast on for my very own self? Here's what I'm thinking about; please feel free to comment and help me with my choice!

  • A moebius scarf made from a skein of gorgeous, soft, autumn-colors handpainted yarn that I got in a swap.
  • An Elizabeth Zimmermann dickey made from sky-blue alpaca that I spun myself on my Louet wheel.
  • A Pi in Your Sleeves shawl made from Schoolhouse Press unspun Icelandic wool in dark grey (a pretty big, kinda intimidating selfish project -- don't know if I'm up to starting off with this one....)
  • Or maybe something else...?


At 6.9.06, Blogger Leah said...

Hmmmm....they all sound great to me! I think you should really spoil yourself and knit from your own handspun for you! That's what I'm going to do as soon as I finish at least one of those darn Yukon Leaves sox :)

Why don't you post some pics of the yarn you're thinking about using? I would love to see it!

At 7.9.06, Blogger op said...

Yes, Pictures would be awesome, I will do some of mine when I get back to Vinton and my projects and camera! I am in avoid where there is no fiber, I feel ill from lack of wool or mohair, I am having chills from having nothing to spin and my wheel is just staring at me! I am reduced to making cotton dishcloths for my son! ~~op

At 7.9.06, Blogger Abigale said...

I also vote for using some of your handspun - there's just nothing like knowing that you made something totally from scratch! And I also vote for you posting some pics as well!

And I don't know about you - but I happen to prefer knitting from my handspun to commercial yarn - every single day. I find that projects that I start out of handspun usually tend to get finished (and that's saying a lot for me!) Abi


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