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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let's get some content up in here!

Well, photo content anyway! Here is a basket of my own handspun. The blue and white is a yummy merino/angora/alpaca/mohair and metallic blend and there's enough yardage there maybe for a capelet (420 yds), the dk brown next to it is 200 yards of Shetland for a scarf.

The orange stuff is spindle spun wool fingering weight (396 yds) for socks I think, the grey/white is jacob & mohair spindle spun and plied together that I might make mittens out of but there's only 150 yds so I will need to add something to it for that even though it's bulky. Thing is, I don't really wear mittens a lot but fingerless mitts would work for me and there should be enough. I really like that particular yarn a lot ~ it's very soft and cozy.

The brown near the top is an angora/alpaca blend that doesn't know what it wants to be yet with only 228 yards. Probably a scarf since it's sooooo next to the skin super soft! The green is wool/mohair spindle spun with 398 yards, DK weight. It might make nice Bum Around the House socks or slippers :)

And the bright blue is a romney silk blend, spindle spun with only 100 yards. I have a bright green I spun up on a spindle too that I got in a swap so that would go well and make a cool bag but I kinda hate to felt spindle spun stuff. Hmmm...all together, the 2 would be like 320 yards and might make a cute hat although I honestly don't wear too many hats but maybe if it were cute enough I would!

Here's a picture of me knitting at my Mom's house a couple years ago...before I decided I NEEDED to open a yarn shop and would just blissfully knit and knit for no good reason at all ;> That is my preferred knitting position...cross-legged on the couch! I tend to prop my needles up in my lap (on my little fat rolls...hahahah!) and I'm a continental knitter. When I started knitting, I just naturally knit continental and didn't even know what they heck I was doing for years! I also had twisted stitches till I figured out the "right" way to purl.

Back to fiber...That is a pic of my very first handspun. Mom plied it for me cuz I was afraid to ply! I have about 500 yards, spindle spun on a turkish and it's destined to be a cape or small poncho of some sort. Pretty crazy yarn, eh? This will be my first SSK project after the sox and the merino cabled sweater that needs to be put together.

I have another basket of quite a few small spindle spun skeins...ranging from like 40 yards to about 100. Three of them go well together and are merino/silk so those will end up being something since it's about 300 yards all together. I think I'd like to make a modular knit something or other with my small skeins, as soon as I collect enough of them to make some sort of thing that isn't a scarf! It's so hard to decide what to do with small skeins...well, for me anyway cuz I don't want to felt my handspun!

If I *did* change my mind about that, I could make myriad Very Cool Bags. I tend not to like unfelted bags...they just seem to floppy for me usually. Sigh. I could just keep collecting small skeins and then make a nice cozy lap throw or Totally Bitchin Pillows for the couch. Maybe I could make cuffs that I could wear with the basic black sweater but that sounds sort of dorky, I dunno.

Maybe I'll make a totally What Kind of Hippy Is That Crazy Woman SKIRT...and wear it to my shop with leg warmers in the winter and some kind of heavy doc marten type of shoes. Then all the people in my home town could nod their heads and agree that they were all right about me after all! I know those women at the dollar store across the street look out at me all the time and gossip. I swear, I am NOT paranoid! They DO that! I have to keep up my unseemly appearances, even at 42 years of age! So I could make the crazy skirt, but mix in some "normal" yarn so as not to hurt anyone's eyes and thereby fool people into thinking it was a carefully planned & executed design. Ack...there's that whole stripe ordeal though. Maybe I *will* have to carefully plan and execute in order to minimize the fluffy appearance that would happen if I wore horizontal stripes.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, eh? If anyone has ideas for really different and cool small projects, bring 'em on! Obviously, I need some help!


At 7.9.06, Blogger Splindarella said...

Wow! Your handspun is *gorgeous*!! How to you measure the yardage? That's always my big problem -- I never know how much handspun I have. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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