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Monday, September 11, 2006

Finished some projects...

With the idea of working on things for myself, I spend a good part of Sunday on knitting projects.
I bound off a triangle scarf which is drying at the moment, so no photo just yet. I also closed the toe and wove in tail ends of yarn on two pairs of socks I'd completed a while ago and had just set aside.

The red pair is the result of a pattern I've been working on and I'm pleased at how they turned out. I finally have red socks for myself!

The brown pair are made from worsted weight wool I dyed. I made them for me, but I have a feeling my daughter is going to try to swipe them for wearing with boots. No matter, I have more of the same yarn. *G*

I have a secret project I'm working, can't say what it is nor show photos. Although the project is for me, I don't want the person I got the wool from to see it. I can say that the Sinderella spun this wool for a friend and I love, love, love it, beautiful yarn!

Not really a Selfish Sunday thing.... but I had a visitor on Sunday and she brought me some rather interesting yarn. You can see it by going to my blog Garden Of Eve

I'm stumped about what to make for her... any suggestions would be appreciated.



At 12.9.06, Blogger Leah said...

Awesome looking socks! I'm still working on my Yukon Leaves socks and they seem as if they're taking forever! I'm 3" into the foot though...only 5.5 more to go before I can decrease for the toe of the first sock...LOL!


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