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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I thought I should check in and update on some projects. Working on things for myself on Sunday afternoons or evenings is helping me to stay on track with personal projects. However, I've been really busy the last couple of Sundays and so haven't had a lot of knitting time.

Two Sundays ago, I had out of town company. The day before we went to the FingerLakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock NY. Did anyone else go? I earned a few ribbons for things I entered, posted photos on my Garden Of Eve blog. Would you believe the only things I came home with were 5 pewter buttons?

This Sunday, my hubby was one sick puppy. My daughter had just landed a job (Thank God!) and needed some career clothing. So, I took her shopping for basics she could build on and left him to a quiet house.

I did complete the front part of my project, sewed the shoulders and have started the button band. No photos cause I don't want someone to see it yet. *G* I won't be started any new projects for myself until this is done. I'm not sure about those buttons I bought. I came home, went through a container of buttons my Mom used to collect and found some that match the color of my wool perfectly... hmmmm!



At 27.9.06, Blogger Leah said...

I checked out your entries on your blog and posted a name isn't on it though, but the first one is from me :) Would love to see you post some photos of your WIP's here too! You do some beautiful work!


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