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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's Sunday and I look forward to working on my afghan again. I love the yarn, Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The color is oatmeal. I love the pattern, Pure and Simple from Fiber Trends Easy Baby Blanket pattern collection 2 . And I love the afghan. Ever since it was about 3 feet long I have been using it to warm myself. My house is finally getting cool enough again that I can snuggle up under it. It is now about 5 feet long and I have 7 skeins left. I am not sure how long I am going to go but it is ALL mine.
Pure and Simple Afghan
(The one mistake I made was being to lazy to minimize the problem of different dye lots, see the line) My daughter likes my afghan too so I am afraid she might be using it when I want it. So along with the fact that this has been so enjoyable to knit I bought more Lambs Pride Bulky in the Blue Magic colorway and started a second on using the Waves of Blue pattern from the same booklet.

My other project for myself the Ballet Camisole, I am not so fond of. Although the yarn, Knit Picks Shine Sport is a dream to knit with I find the stockinette on circulars boring. I have a feeling I will never end up wearing it when I am done. This is how far I have gotten:
Ballet Camisole 9.25
I have a lot to do today but I know that I will have some time for some "Selfish Knitting" tonight during Desperate Housewives.



At 24.9.06, Blogger April said...

The afghan looks so soft and warm! I don't blame your daughter for using it too! hehe

At 25.9.06, Blogger Leah said...

The different dye lots just look like a design feature to me :) Looks great!

The ballet camisole looks like it will be gorgeous after you're through with all the boring stockinette. I have that problem with straight stockinette too...seems to take a thousand years, doesn't it? But, I sometimes like a project like that in between more complicated projects for the brainlessness of it all...every now and then I just want to pick something up and not think too hard on it!


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