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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First SSK Project Complete!

Well, it's not Sunday but I finished my first Selfish Sunday Knitting project anyway! It's a Variations on Beethoven's Dickey, from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around. I made it with my very own handspun alpaca, so I'm extra proud of myself. I'm home sick from work today and had just enough oomph to do the final grafting, so even though it's been knit up for a week or so it's now officially 100% finished.

Since I'm sick, I'm in no state to take a photo of myself wearing my "masterpiece," so here's a shot of it sitting pretty on the dining room table. It kind of looks a bit like a manta ray in this position, but you get the idea.

Now what new project should I start for myself next Sunday...?


At 3.10.06, Blogger Leah said...

YAY...It looks FABULOUS! I really did want to see it on YOU but I shouldn't talk because I'm not sure I'm brave enough to photograph myself in my finished sweater either :) Hope you're feeling better! Did you ever get my email about your gift and the vintage nylon needles?

At 4.10.06, Blogger Splindarella said...

Thanks, Leah! :) And no, I didn't get an email from you...but it may very well have gotten shuffled off into my junk mail folder and inadverdently deleted. Can you send it again, please?? If you put "Selfish Sunday Knitters" in the subject line I'll definitely spot it! :)))))


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