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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last Project, Next Project

Well, I have good news and I have not-so-good news.

First, the bad news: I wound up frogging my Moebius scarf. Yep, all the way down to nothing, just because I simply hated the way it turned out. It was too narrow; the garter stitch didn't show off the wonderful colorway of the Schaeffer yarn I'd chosen; the center "seam" of the Moebius cast-on was visible -- yuck all around. So, after frogging and casting on again and frogging again because I still didn't like the way it was turning out, I finally just accepted that this yarn does not want to be a Moebius scarf. It wants to be a tube scarf, maybe done in Turkish Lace. I needed to walk away from the skein for awhile after my last trip to the frog pond, so I'm not entirely sure yet what pattern I'll use for the tube scarf; all I know is I'll just have to wait to make my Moebius.

Oh, well.

The good news is I bought yarn for my next selfish project: a whole pile of Manos del Uruguay in two solid shades of mustard/deep gold and one variegated gold/burgundy/brown -- gorgeous! I'm finally going to make the fitted EZ bog jacket I've been eyein in "Knitting Around." I don't think I'll start this project till after Christmas, though -- my finger has been acting up again and I think it'll be all I can manage to get gifts knitted. Once the holiday hubub has died down, I'll devote myself to my bog.

Since Blogger refuses to post my photos tonight, feel free to hop on over to my blog to check out the beautiful (if I do say so myself) Manos colorways:


At 5.11.06, Blogger April said...

Oh the frog pond! I've yet to KNIT all ends up in the frog pond for me. One day, soon....I'll knit lace. You just wait and see!lol. You're right, the pyramid of Manos is beautiful but oh my...the Noro you recieved. You lucky thing you! I can't wait to see what you do with that.


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