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Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Post Is...Er, No Post

Well, the good news is I've been knitting up a storm, bum finger be damned (and yes, I do realize that I may live to regret this). The bad news is none of the knitting has been for me. Although, it's not ALL that bad a bit of news seeing as how it's the holidays and unto others and all that.

So, even though my knitting of late has been more Selfless than Selfish, I still wanted to check and say "hi" to all my fellow SSKers -- I miss you all! And don't worry, I have plenty of plans for selfish knitting just as soon as the holidays are over.

OH! And I almost forgot. I accidentally knitted something for myself tonight. That's right, accidentally. I joined the Meathead Hat KAL (now, sadly, closed), which has a deadline of the end of this month, so I figured since my size 15s were newly freed up and I had a whole movie's worth of knitting I could do tonight, I might as well try to do the hat sooner rather than later. Once it was finished and I tried it on, I knew that despite my initial thoughts of using it as a Christmas present, nobody but me would be wearing that hat. I don't have any good photos yet, but I'm going to try and take some tomorrow and then I'll post them here.

G'night all and happy knitting! :)


At 19.11.06, Blogger Leah said... had better give us a photo after that set up :) I'm in the same boat you are with the holidays coming up...not doing much SSK'in but I have been tinkering with some SS Spinning so I'll post that tomorrow. Glad you took a minute to post...we miss you too and I was just thinking about you today. Tomorrow morning is blog readin much to catch up on out there!

At 19.11.06, Blogger April said...

OH YEAH!!! You're back!!! Glad to hear all is well and that it's just holiday knitting keeping you away. ;) Also glad you got a hat out of the deal. ( a pic...there's a pattern in it for HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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