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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Well it's early here yet to be completing my knitting for the day, but I wanted to post up the current progress. I'll definately knit more later today but I'm very excited to post a picture of the back of the sweater. (Sorry for the poor quality.) YES! The back is DONE! lol Now I get to start on the front with territory. Hopefully each piece from here on out will be a bit quicker as they are smaller. I'm anxious to wear my new sweater. hehehe.

We decided to take today and do only the necessary things....all else could wait. So there has been much knitting and there will be more fiber play after I'm done posting. It started snowing here today so it's great weather for spinning and knitting! I decided to post here first today, but if you're interested in seeing how my silk/merino dyeing experiment went on Wednesday, check out my main blog. I'm posting pics in a few minutes.

I hope everyone's holiday went great and that the left overs aren't killing anyone! ;)


At 27.11.06, Blogger Cheryl said...

Your sweater is coming along nicely. I love the color. Something about a handknit sweater is so cozy. I wear mine to death.

At 28.11.06, Blogger Leah said...

Look at you go! Good job!


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