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Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm sooo happy! Christmas is almost here and I'll be raring to go on that very day, knitting on something for MOI! I'm still allowing holiday knitting content here so share whatcha got going on and DO share pics of your happy family wearing your lovely handknits for us to see! You can post these anytime after Christmas but the holiday knitting content needs to make way for SSK content come December 25th! Show us pics of your yarn and thoughts about what you're going to do with it if you don't have anything on the needles for you's a new year and a new SSK project for everyone, I hope!

I'm taking a big chance blowing it by posting here, but this is my super secret sweater project and I can't hide it anymore...I've been doing such a great job keeping it a secret that I'll kick myself if I blow it but this is the only photo content I have and I'm really proud of this! I modified a top down raglan design with a big fat chunky cable, appropriately called "Fudge Swirl" in the Vogue Stitchionery and it's working out so well! Can't wait to finish it...I have to finish the bottom ribbing and the sleeves but it's chunky yarn so goes really fast and this is The Project I WILL finish by Christmas if nothing else at all gets done.

Welcome Toni ~ thanks so much for posting and sharing that awesome pot holder link...ladies, go check it out...they are The Cutest Potholders Ever. Love that Mag Knits site!

For now, I'm making some progress and have almost finished all my obligations for customers as well. As a matter of fact, I have to finish up a super easy knit embellished jeans bag for a lady today and knit ONE MORE earflap hat for my hair dresser and then I can concentrate on finishing up for family. Never mind that I'll be knitting every available moment from now till Christmas Eve day! And there may be the dreaded One Sock in a Box syndrome happening, but oh well!

I've found a really nice beret hat pattern to share...well, 2, but I used the Lion Brand pattern. I dislike berets, really, but have no problem knitting them when the pattern is cute and easy. Older ladies, especially, seem to love them :)

Moonlight Mohair Beret Free Pattern

This one is really cute and a fun twist on the "normal" type of beret knitting:

Last Minute Purled Beret and you don't really purl it at have to go look to see what I mean. It's a great designer's'll enjoy it!

NOTE TO MEMBERS: PLEASE ADD PICS TO YOUR POSTS IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN, OK? If all visitors to our site see are long text posts at the top with no photos, they probably won't stick around to read our cool stuff! I know it's not always possible, but please try...for me? Links to pics are fine but I'd rather we don't always link to pics outside this blog...we need photo content here too. People love the pretty pictures :) Just a friendly reminder from your blog stress, OK?


At 15.12.06, Blogger Cheryl said...

I love your sweater!!! The cable is too cool. I have been wanting to try a top down sweater knit in the round.

At 25.12.06, Blogger April said...

Oh Leah, that sweater is coming along beautifully. Wanna make one for me??? lol Just kidding. I'm making progress on different projects and will post (with the next few days!)Happy Happy to all!


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