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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Let me be the first......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist! It's time to catch up on my posting and show some of what I've been working on. There has been very little progress on THE sweater (so no pics of it right now) as I've been working on a sock for DH. Before you smack my hands and tell me that it's not Selfish and therefore cannot be posted here.......let me point out how selfish it is that I'm making this sock for him. (evil Firstly, it's actual sock yarn that I bought from Someone We All Know and That's a first for me. Second, I'm learning how to knit toe up socks and using the "Magic Loop" method as well for the first time. So see, I'm getting to try out a wonderful yarn, and learning new things at the same time!! And to totally make it socks are the next pair and by then I'll have worked all the kinks out of the pattern; meaning his will have all the errors in them! hehehehehe See how selfish that is of me?!! Normally the error ridden one would be mine...not this time! lol

These next two pics are of my lap afghan that I am determined to finish. It's the project I'll be working on when my fingers are tired of knitting on the sweater and socks. I'm a long time crocheter and sometimes it just feels good to crochete again. The pattern is called "Irish Chain" and is in an issue of Leisure Arts(I think) magazine. In the mag it was a baby afghan and I made it up for a co-worker a few (hundred) years ago. I loved the finished project and decided to adapt it to an adult lap sized afghan.

The only real issue I have with it is the carrying of the yarns throughout as they can get tangled up and messy. This was started before I knew about center pull yarn balls and the magic ball winder! I did untangle it again today and will locate the pattern again so that I can pick it up and work on it as the muse hits. I'm anxious to have this one done asap as it's been on my UFO list for at least two years now. It's been given notice though. 2007 is its year!

I hope everyone had a special holiday and that you all are safe and sound. I wish you all the best in the coming New Year!


At 28.12.06, Blogger Cheryl said...

I love your lap afghan. Beautiful!

At 28.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl!

At 29.12.06, Blogger Leah said...

You did some justice to the sock yarn April...they look awesome! And so does the cozy lap're just smokin along, aren't you????

At 29.12.06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe Gotta love "unclaimed" vacation time. The hubster and I are playing hometown tourist this vacation and it's giving me loads of crafting time! I even had time to update the blog this week with about 3 new posts!


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