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Saturday, December 16, 2006

My final Christmas post.
Here ia pic of a little furry bag I made my daugher for Christmas. The before picture is in my prevous post. All I did for this bag was dig in my scraps and strand three different yarns together and felt. I used Patons Wool in cream, handspun wool that was brownish, and one strand of fun fur/eyelash type yarn. I used size 13 circular needles. I purled the first two rounds then knit 48 rounds. Sewed the bottom seam, bought handles from JoAnn's and Wa La!!! A funky little bag for my daughter. I hope she likes it!
Next post will be Selfish Sunday Knitting, whew, I am ready!


At 25.12.06, Blogger April said...

Cheryl thats wonderful! I'm sure she'll love it! I know I would.


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