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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Apparently, I win the Most Scarves Ever contest ~ hee hee! Like there's actually a contest and like anyone really cares! But, I do seem to have the most scarves and I'm still so surprised that all knitters don't have a ton of scarves. I tend to want to work up a scarf when I can't afford a lot of something really expensive or there's a yarn that I *must* have touching my bare skin ~ I mean, I could knit a sweater with them but usually there isn't enough of them for that :) And I don't really want to wear a 100% angora sweater since I don't live in the Arctic.

These aren't even the lot of them...there are about a dozen at the shop that I've designed and knit for store samples as part of my Scarf of the Month thang that I do ~ they're "technically" mine but I think I would sell them (and have sold a couple) if someone wanted them bad enough, except for my Mardi Gras scarf :)

The dark blue scarf is something I knit for myself while up North visiting my Grandma before she's knit in seed stitch with a lovely mohair and a silk yarn...I alternated yarns every other row, carrying them up the side and it's gorgeous...this is the kind of scarf I need to buy a coat for! There's lovely teal greens in the silk yarn and the photo doesn't do it justice at all. The light blue one next to it is an acrylic scarf that I knit for Snow Fest when I was bartending in Frankenmuth. It's Red Heart acrylic, that Light and Lofty stuff. Kinda eh...but it's a pretty color that always looks nice on me and it's super long. Most of my scarves have the super long thing in common :) It's one of the first things I ever knit and there's a matching hat that's a bit too big but kinda cute still and I do wear it. Oh...I also knit fingerless mitts for the whole Ensemble. ha! We got to wear scarves and hats and stuff while we were working and something really nice would have gotten trashed behind the bar.

This scarf is really's a Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk (I think) in a dark coral...I used a pennant stitch pattern, which I love to knit, and it has matching mitts too. Also one of my early knit projects which turned out fab...I think the set cost me about $40 + in yarn and I remember that my BIL was horrified at that. Silly silly boy.

The wacky orange and black scarf is my Halloween scarf...again, funky acrylic and some fun fur. I do wear it though during the Halloween festivities. Then the yellow fun fur scarf is what I was doing for the FRG when my husband was deployed...I was in the Lion Brand newsletter and they wrote up a pattern for it and donated about 300 skeins of yarn and a boatload of needles to the project. I'm very loyal to LB for that reason and am really excited that they seem to be doing some very cool things with their yarn lines these days. The write up in the newsletter was kinda goofy but it was a cool thing at the time. I'm not going to make it easy for you to find the article, but if you're really dying to read it and see the goofy-ass picture, you can search for "Knit the Distance" on the LB site (if you absolutely must)

Ripples in My Stash V1 (photo directly left) is now done and wearable as all get out! I'm going to blog it this week sometime...I have more pics and directions for doing the whole russian join, measuring out scraps, etc.... Love this scarf and it's about 100 inches too. So soft, (alpaca and angora handspun yarns) so scarf design abilities are definitely improving :) I'm working on V2 as my shop Scarf of the Month and doing it in a funky merino/angora/nylon tiny little half boucle type yarn. It's a longer repeat of the pattern (wider, won't be a longer scarf!) and I'm working it on size 6 needles so it's taking a bit of time but it's COOL.

And then there's the aforementioned and photographed Infamous Dr. Who Wonder Scarf...OMG! I left the camera at work but I'll try to take a pic of me wrapped up like a mummy in it tomorrow. This thing is like 13 feet MUST drape it around your neck or it'll drag the ground. And it's quite wide. Just an oddity fer sure. BUT...everyone who sees me wearing it covets it...they DO! I can totally wear the alpaca/silk stunner or the gorgeous mohair silk and no one says a word. Wear the wacky Dr. Who Scarf and they are beside themselves. Go figure. They all want one and, of course, can't afford one because it took a thousand hours or so to knit. It's so wide and horribly long that I can totally drape it over my head and swath myself against sub zero blizzard conditions. It's started out as a gag gift, which I couldn't part with, and kind of a joke for me...I mean, plain garter stitch in ACRYLIC??? But, the Red Heart Soft Yarn is kind of good, really it is. Very soft, very drapey. And the color choice from the Season 15 Dr. Who scarf is a winner :) I want pillows for my sofa outta the leftovers. I'm thinking Log Cabin pillows will soon be mine!

These scarves were not harmed in any way during the photo shoot, although they are lying naked in fresh snow

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At 31.1.07, Blogger Cheryl said...

You have some very pretty scarves. I really like the V1. I saw that one in person and the picture doesn't do it justice! Very nice! I can't wait to add more to my collection.


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