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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You all are doing so wonderfully!! I have no scarves made for myself to snap pics of and post here. I have a few commercially made ones that I use occasionally and one that Mom made me last year on my Niddy Noddy. That one's gotten some use this year as we've had an unusually cold fall/winter so far. I have yet to make one for myself as the sweater looms so largely in my life. lol. Ok, to be honest, I've avoided it for a month and worked on other selfish items. lol Every time I would pick it up I would knit a row and want to do something else. Then I'd pick up the hubster's sock, and wish I was working on something else! Finally I accomplished something in beading, then in beaded crochet***, so the knitting started clicking again. Thusly (yes I know it's not a word....I used spell check! lol!) I present you with progress pictures of the left front side of the sweater. (I tell you, it kept me up late one knight until I figured out what the pattern meant and that the sewing up of the inside of the pocket happens dead last!!!) So this pic shows you the front pocket folded down as I haven't quite reached the point of joining those two needles yet. (The red needle stitches are on hold until the blue needle stitches have caught up...then they will join in wedded happiness on ONE needle! Yes, you experienced knitters probably understood that to begin with....but this is my first large knitted project. I was terribly confused. I was really starting to wonder if I should pick out more decorative stitch holders for the future. lol)

This shows the pieces laid out over each other as they are meant to be. Due to the magic of photography, variegated and bucille yarn and crappy lighting it looks seamless. Pretty cool huh?! I know, many work for years to obtain this seamless-ness. lol

I do find that I am mentally pushing myself to finish hubster's socks so I can cast on my own. He's waiting ever so patiently for And I'm pulled to work on the crocheted bag for my spinning wheel. But then again, I need to work on the border for the crocheted afghan so I can cross that off the WIP list and move it to a FO list. I've not touched it since finishing the center of it. Of course, if I ever finish these items I'll have to modify the personal blog and install the Finished Objects list. Hmm...I've not figured out what I want that to look like exactly yet so I better hold off. lol

***Check out my personal blog for posts on these projects!



At 18.1.07, Blogger Cheryl said...

I really like that shade of blue. It looks like a nice texture. Can't wait to see the finished project.

At 18.1.07, Blogger Leah said...

You're too funny April :) WTG on the's really coming along and I'm so proud of you for tackling your first biggie ;>


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