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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whew! I finally got back on the list after the switchover to the new Blogger. Thanks, Leah, for getting me all squared away!

So, my selfish knitting isn't going as well as I'd hoped. After knitting my fitted bog jacket all the way to the underarms I had to frog it all the way back to the waist because it was coming out WAY too big. AAARGH!

I've had much better luck with my Kool-Aid dyeing in the crockpot.

The skeins are Knitpicks dye your own merino in fingering weight, and the locks are some mystery roving I had on hand and wanted to play with.

Dyeing in the crockpot is so easy and so much fun I can't believe I didn't try it long ago!

Now I just have to start searching around for some different colors to play with....


At 18.1.07, Blogger Cheryl said...

Love the colors, the yarn is gorgeous!!!

At 18.1.07, Blogger Leah said...

Whatcha gonna do with all that fab dyed stuff? Sorry about the frog pond issues on the bog jacket...hope it's going along better now!


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