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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2007!
My Donegal Tweed sweater has been on the needles for a couple of weeks now. I have been saving this project for knitting while riding in the car. It is a DK weight and all stockinette stitch so it is super simple and a no brainer while riding. This sweater looks simple but nice and hopefully I will like it enough to wear to work.


At 4.1.07, Blogger Leah said...

Wow're such a busy knitter :) The sweater looks really pretty in that berry color. Sometimes a nice, simple sweater is the best! You can dress it up or down and wear it anywhere...I wanna see it when it's done so wear it to the shop!

At 5.1.07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheryl I just love that color! I can't wait until mine progressed beyond.."cast off into the corner 'cause my owner is more interested in the crocheted afghan right now" stage. lol. To be honest I've not picked up spindle, needle or hook in two whole days. Yes, it's hard to quit cold turkey...but with any addiction, the key to controlling it is moderation. lol. SO! No knitting, crochete or spinning untill Sunday!!!!


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