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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sorry I've been MIA much going on lately and I've not been knitting much. I lost my little buddy, Frank the guinea pig, a week ago Sunday, have been nursing my ancient old gal Bessie the pot bellied pig and, of course, THE HOUSE PROJECT just keeps expanding and making me want to scream. Then there's the dyeing I'm so behind on it's not funny!

But, I did manage to start some SSK the other day...another one of my weird needs to use up small bits of yarn, this time handspun. I can't really say what this is quite yet cuz I have a teeny contest going on for the UFO Knit Club blog BUT it's from One Skein Knitting. Using handspun and some wool/mohair doubled up. You know, it's weird but I was thinking I wanted to spin or knit something to remember Frank...he was this cool black/tan/white little guy and this project sort of looks like his colors without black but I think I can line it with black and that'll do :)

I still haven't blocked and sewn and then knit the collar on the funky scarf vest but I do believe I'm going to do that tomorrow morning...the blocking anyway, then sew it when I get home from work and knit the damn collar and add the fringe and wear it at least once this year! It's a little chilly this week and next so there's still time :)

I also got in an amazing SIX ROWS (ha!) on the Sheep Shawl, so am up to row 109 now. That's OK though, that project is an epic and I'm not in a race with it or anything. to do some piggy nursing and get ready for work. Y'all are quiet...whatcha got on the needles???????


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