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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey y'all! Here's a pic of what's been keeping me tied up for the last few weeks. There are LOTS more pics on my blog. lol This is Tucker, he's now two months old and over 25 lbs! Yep a big boy! He also loves wood and fiber and well.....anything he can chew. lol So I do have to keep all crafts out of his reach at this point. THE Sweater, sadly, has been behind closed doors since this darling came home. I have been able to work off and on at the hubsters sock and will take some pics on Sunday during Selfish Sunday (NASCAR)lol Knitting. I'm working the heel ( I hope.) and it's a different method than I'm used to so it all seems so foreign. We'll see if I've messed it up or not lol. I do love the yarn though and have no real complaints. It's so nice to knit with something that glides across the needles!
I've been drop spindling some Carbon Superwash that came as a sample in a package I ordered. Once again, out of sight of the pooch lol. (It's small and hidden fast, much like the sock.) It's very nice to spin and spins very fine, but I find that I'm trying to spin it way way way to thin.....causing it to break. lol So lately I've been practicing my joins. It seems I've gotten to "thin" in the spin department. I'm thinking that after I get this sample done up, I may have to knit some of those wonderful fingerless gloves that You-Know-Who had the free pattern on her website for. lol I wear my fingerless gloves most mornings when I'm driving or on cold evenings. My pair are at least 10 years old and most defiantly not hand made, but with a chew mark that a certain cat left in them. I may be up to that challenge soon, I'm not sure though. I may just be deluding myself a bit. My minds been playing the lace game lately. I think I'll pick one of my hand spun yarns and get the yardage off of it and then find a simple lace pattern to learn with it. I always think this.....but the lace always wins. lol We'll see.

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At 15.2.07, Blogger Leah said...

Cute (big ol!)puppy and the DH is kind of cute too ;>

At 17.2.07, Blogger April said...

heheh. Thanks (on both!) Leah. lol.


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