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Don't apologize ~ KNIT FOR YOURSELF! Join us in Selfish Sunday Knitting and join this blog to share your projects, cheers, tears, tips and tricks. I'm Leah, and I'm your hostess, sitting on the couch each and every Sunday with my cuppa joe and knitting for ME!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It has been a busy month but I have managed some knitting. If you are interested in what I have been doing check here, waves of blue afghanI had planned to do some selfish knitting on my afghan today, which I did however, I think I spent more time Selfish Sunday Knitblogging. Last month I moved my blog to typepad. I like it alot but it was like starting over. So today I was adding more links to the sidebar because I finally took the time to figure out how to add buttons. Since for me selfish knitting is knitting what I want to knit. I am more of a process knitter so I tend to knit for others because I have no interest in using the item I just enjoy knitting it. So in my selfish enjoyment I have knit a couple pairs of socks for my girls (actually one just started), a dishcloth for my mom who loved it and requested more for Mother's Day. I have also been busy with the Test-a-long that just ended.Waiting for Spring Meathead Socks 101square-a-long
I knit a meathead hat which is to be included in the book,a pair of socks and a square for a blanket. It was a fun, different KAL. Well I have tomorrow off so it looks like a good day for more selfish knitting.


At 20.2.07, Blogger Splindarella said...

Ooh, I like your meathead hat! That was the only pattern I test-knitted, but I loved it so much I made half a dozen!


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