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Monday, March 05, 2007

I hope everyone is doing well...I apologize for not being around whole lot lately but our remodeling is kicking my behind and I'm all out of sorts, which means my knitting is suffering. BUT...I have made progress on my scarf vest...I actually had to spin up some basil-colored silk/merino roving for the collar and fringe. I ran out of the original first handspun, which I expected would happen. I do have enough to add in with the different colored yarn for the fringe and the collar will be nicer anyway since the original yarn is a little picky :)

I thought I might share what used to be my master bath and this total chaos and destruction are also overlapping in what USED to be my laundry room and my bedroom and will soon be into my computer room, since we're moving the bedroom wall back into it (stealing space from the office area) for the new bedroom closet. There are stacks of sheet rock and lumber in the living room and dining room waiting to be the bathroom and bedroom, my laundry machines are all willy nilly in the bedroom (but hooked up thank God!), and my dining room is full of boxes of stuff from the master bed/bath. I'm sharing the closet-sized bathroom in the other part of the house with my husband and my dining room table is loaded on top and underneath with DH's tools and crap. There's also a wall knocked out by my stove in the kitchen because we're opening up what used to be the laundry room into the kitchen for a mud room.

This is what the bathroom used to look like, so it's not much worse today than it was...LOL! There also used to be disgusting carpet in there but I didn't take the pic before we pulled that up. I remembered to start taking pics when we'd already started tearing up the bathroom. Believe me, it was ugly no matter what!

Everything that used to be in the computer room is now in boxes but I at least got the computer set up again and it's kind of good to be editing out all the unnecessary crap that used to be in this part of the house, which is also open to my living room. UGH. My fiber cupboard will have to go into another area of the house soon or be converted into a linen cupboard in the master bedroom IF it will fit.

Ha...and I thought we were just remodeling the master bed/bath right now. And I overheard the DH planning on knocking out a kitchen wall before he can finish the alcove for my clawfoot's just NUTS! This is forcing me to get rid of a lot of useless stuff which is good but SO NOT FUN!

Just thought I'd share why I'm not knitting much...selfish or otherwise! And I'm getting a headcold and sinus thingee. yay. I'm sure I caught it from the house!


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