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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello?!!! Anyone out there?!!!
It figures, I finally get within eyesight of a finished object and there's no one here to see it! lol. I know you are all busy and boy, won't you be suprised when you come back! Yeppers. THE's almost complete. The only thing lacking is the finishing touches on the pockets, hopefully to be completed tonight....and the sewing in of the zipper (which is currently giving me fits.) It's been tried on and deemed beautiful and best of fits! WOO HOO!
So sorry for the pic's not my camera...and well, tweeking it in photoshop didn't help much. lol I hope everyone's doing fine and that you're all getting a chance to selfishly knit, if not blog. I'm not sure what the next selfish item will be just yet, but I do have to complete the hubby's socks next. I believe he's feeling a bit neglected. It will be nice to knit with "normal" yarn again, maybe the sock progress will be quicker now. lol



At 25.4.07, Blogger Cheryl said...

Love your sweater!!! It looks so cozy!!!


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