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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey there all! It's been awhile since I cast on for a project for myself, but I couldn't wait any longer. Last Sunday I cast on a Jaywalker sock and had to restart it on Monday due to my usual issues. lol. Monday I managed to get the 1" cuff done before bed and last night started the actual patterning. I tell ya, this is one addicting pattern. I've been going back to it all day today! I'm going to try it on at the heel stage though because I have concerns on weather this is actually going to fit. ( yes I measured....heck I even did a three swatches for gauge! but I can never tell for sure.) I've got a whole line up of projects...just for I should be popping in here on a regular basis from now on.
PS I'm finally setting up my Ravelry pages. Any one else on there yet? My ID is Ariadneo on there.

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