Selfish Sunday Knitters

Don't apologize ~ KNIT FOR YOURSELF! Join us in Selfish Sunday Knitting and join this blog to share your projects, cheers, tears, tips and tricks. I'm Leah, and I'm your hostess, sitting on the couch each and every Sunday with my cuppa joe and knitting for ME!

Monday, February 26, 2007

I know, I know.....actual Knitting content from me! Here are some progress pics of The Sweater and the hubsters sock. I've taken to knitting a few rows in bed at night to be able to make some progress. I'm almost done with the second section of the sweater and will immediately cast on for the third. (I know you are probably all jealous of my model, but believe can't afford her! It's amazing what I can get her to do if I lock the puppy

The sock hasn't seen much action lately but, part of that is due to the fact that the puppy has a great fascination (almost like a cat) for moving thread, yarn and anything truth be told. All must be tasted! Because the pooch is spending more and more time outside, I've been able to get more crafting done. I was able to actually spin on my wheel for the first time in a month last weekend!!! Yipee!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hello Yarn Lopi Tote

Like I don't have enough bags already! I knitted this bag from Hello Yarn Lopi Tote pattern. It was a very fast knit and it felted great. You can't beat sitting on the couch watching t.v. and knitting all day. No interruptions from the husband because he was on his first bird hunting outing. All is well he still has all his body parts in tack.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I wanted to 'fess up! I did do some SSK yesterday. However, I did finish something for someone else on Saturday so I really didn't have to feel any bit of remorse or guilt at all.
I worked on another sweater for myself using the same brown Colorado Yarns Dakota since I have so much left over. Someday, I will have a photo to post somewhere.
Knit on without guilt say I!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It has been a busy month but I have managed some knitting. If you are interested in what I have been doing check here, waves of blue afghanI had planned to do some selfish knitting on my afghan today, which I did however, I think I spent more time Selfish Sunday Knitblogging. Last month I moved my blog to typepad. I like it alot but it was like starting over. So today I was adding more links to the sidebar because I finally took the time to figure out how to add buttons. Since for me selfish knitting is knitting what I want to knit. I am more of a process knitter so I tend to knit for others because I have no interest in using the item I just enjoy knitting it. So in my selfish enjoyment I have knit a couple pairs of socks for my girls (actually one just started), a dishcloth for my mom who loved it and requested more for Mother's Day. I have also been busy with the Test-a-long that just ended.Waiting for Spring Meathead Socks 101square-a-long
I knit a meathead hat which is to be included in the book,a pair of socks and a square for a blanket. It was a fun, different KAL. Well I have tomorrow off so it looks like a good day for more selfish knitting.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hi, all! It's been ages since I posted here, mainly because I've been knitting for everyone but myself lately. I did manage to make some progress on my fitted bog jacket, though:

I finally made my way back up to the underarms (after frogging nearly all the way back to the bottom hem when it turned out too wide), inserted the "thumb trick" and cast on extra stitches for the sleeves, which you can't see in this photo. I can already tell I'm at least a ball short in the main color, so I've put this aside until I can get to the LYS for additional supplies. (My %$#@! finger is also acting up again, so I've been trying to go light on the knitting for a few days, too.)

And in other "selfish" news, I've been spinning:

This is some of the merno/silk blend I got from my SP9 pal, Joni M. Isn't it gorgeous? I was feeling grey and gloomy and feeling like I've been spinning on my Big Bale Wool forever, and this was just the thing to pick up my spirits.

Thursday, February 15, 2007 boring am I lately? I've not been doing much SSK at all! The winter is just kicking my butt, I think...I truly hate it these days and when it's as hideously cold as it has been lately, I end up really tired. I have been working on some UFO's lately, trying to get those monkeys off my back and I'm half-heartedly knitting on my weird scarf vest thing I blogged about awhile back. I just have to finish the other front half, which won't take too long, and then sew and knit the small collar. Then I'll actually have something to wear if I'm not totally embarrassed by's my first "real" handspun and it's kind of funky and might end up being a weird thing, I dunno. So, here's the pic of the back which I finished forever ago and the pic from the Knit 1 mag where the pattern resides. exciting is this?? But...the stitch would be good for another kind of vest as well I think.

Anyway, that's about it for SSK...I've done a bit more on the Sheep Shawl here and there but the KAL kind of petered out and I'm not feeling any pressure to work super hard on it. Probably because the KAL being a bit of a flop bums me out. My head just isn't into knitting something super hard lately, which is why I'm actually knitting the Scarf Vest :) Super easy and actually, I thought I might share the garter slip rib stitch with y''s a good no-brainer stitch and might be fun to do on something instead of plain old a hat brim or something. It's not super stretchy like most ribs either and might even be kind of cool in a garment. So I'm sharing the pattern stitch to keep you all from being hideously bored by my non SSK'ing and boring repeat pictures ;>

Garter Slip Rib Stitch: (worked on multiples of 7)

Row 1: *Knit 3, Slip 1 Stitch Purlwise with Yarn in Back* repeat across row, ending with Knit 3

Row 2: *Knit 3, Purl 1* repeat across row, ending with Knit 3.

That's it. Mindless stuff, I'm tellin ya.

I've been spinning up some interesting stuff lately, which I have yet to blog about on my personal blog and hopefully, I'll wake up tomorrow and be all fired up about blogging it. I've also been getting some dyeing done ~ this week I dyed some merino/silk crack (long story!) and some lincoln fleece/locks...that stuff was a blast to play with!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hey y'all! Here's a pic of what's been keeping me tied up for the last few weeks. There are LOTS more pics on my blog. lol This is Tucker, he's now two months old and over 25 lbs! Yep a big boy! He also loves wood and fiber and well.....anything he can chew. lol So I do have to keep all crafts out of his reach at this point. THE Sweater, sadly, has been behind closed doors since this darling came home. I have been able to work off and on at the hubsters sock and will take some pics on Sunday during Selfish Sunday (NASCAR)lol Knitting. I'm working the heel ( I hope.) and it's a different method than I'm used to so it all seems so foreign. We'll see if I've messed it up or not lol. I do love the yarn though and have no real complaints. It's so nice to knit with something that glides across the needles!
I've been drop spindling some Carbon Superwash that came as a sample in a package I ordered. Once again, out of sight of the pooch lol. (It's small and hidden fast, much like the sock.) It's very nice to spin and spins very fine, but I find that I'm trying to spin it way way way to thin.....causing it to break. lol So lately I've been practicing my joins. It seems I've gotten to "thin" in the spin department. I'm thinking that after I get this sample done up, I may have to knit some of those wonderful fingerless gloves that You-Know-Who had the free pattern on her website for. lol I wear my fingerless gloves most mornings when I'm driving or on cold evenings. My pair are at least 10 years old and most defiantly not hand made, but with a chew mark that a certain cat left in them. I may be up to that challenge soon, I'm not sure though. I may just be deluding myself a bit. My minds been playing the lace game lately. I think I'll pick one of my hand spun yarns and get the yardage off of it and then find a simple lace pattern to learn with it. I always think this.....but the lace always wins. lol We'll see.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I started this little scarf last night. Don't you love the colors? The yarn is a single ply handspun by Leah's mom Darlene. The only thing is I am bummed it will be on the short side. I am debating if I can add anything in the middle to stretch the length out any longer or just finish as is and call it good. The pattern is a feather and fan pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hi all! I'm just checking in to let you know that I have not dropped off the face of the planet. lol We have a new puppy and much of my crafting time is being taken up by playing with him. I'm afraid that I do not have any new pictures of anything other than the pup. To be completely truthful I've not done any crafting other than knitting a few rounds once in a great while on the hubsters there is not much to be taking pictures of right now anyways. ;) I'm working out the schedule so that the crafting can begin again. I really want to get that sweater done before it's too hot to wear it! VBG! I hope all is going along swimmingly for everyone else! All those pictures of beautiful scarves makes me want to start a hand made scarf collection!

Is everyone out there knitting? If you're not, get to it!
Come on, it's Superbowl Sunday and we all knit on Superbowl Sunday!
See that brown sweater over there? I'm going to be working on that real soon. Ok. So, it's 3:00 and I haven't yet. I've been working on something else.
Yep, had to clean the fish tank that's right here next to my laptop. The poor fishies were looking sad. Now, they're looking better. It's a tank full of pond fish. 4 minnows, 3 bluegill, a tiny big mouth bass and a koi that's huge compared to his buddies. How did this happen? It just did. They're out of our pond in the backyard.
Now, back to knitting. That sweater is #12 in knit simple. I think it's #12. It's the blue/purple one. I'm making it in brown/tan. The yarn was from the WEBS sale that was going on during Christmas. I only paid $34 for enough Dakota Durango to make my sweater. It's so soft, too. I wanted to check to see if they still had some while I was online yesterday. I got sidetracked and spent some $ elsewhere. What did I buy yesterday?
I'll tell ya.
A 2-lb cone of mohair in camel, 2 balls of cashmere/merino for socks and AVON. There's a lady we all know that sells Avon. I went to her website to look at yarn and saw exactly what I needed. When the big 50 is looming on the horizon you do anything you can to keep that younger look going.
Back to my knitting.
You all get back to your's too!

I finished my Welt Fantastic socks from Sensational Knitted Socks book. I love this pattern and it worked so well with the yarn. I love the pinks and purples.

I am knitting all day today but my new project on the needles won't be for myself so I won't get to post for a while. I have to get a birthday goodie done and in the mail by early March.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I know it's not Sunday but I might be too busy knitting this Sunday to add a post here. No really, is that possible?
Sure is. How can we be that way? Easy. Real easy. I spent all day last Sunday putting this year-old cardigan-in-progress together just to find out that I was just a little bit off with the buttons. So, last night, a Wednesday night to be exact, I took them all off. No, not all. All but the top button. Turns out, I was off by 3 rows at the very bottom button so, by the time I got to that top one, it was way off. It's all better now. I wore the sweater today and got several compliments on my work.

How did they know I knitted it?
I told 'em so.

I've already got my Sunday Knittin' project lined up for this week. I'm working on it right now. Yep. Thursday. I should be working on the other projects. I will devote some time to them this evening. My "right after I get home from work time" is my knittin' for me time.

Keep knitting!

Susan in SE MI