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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well so much for me promising to be around more often, huh! lol I've been having difficulties keeping up with the blog load and decided to just spend my time quietly knitting. (snort...ok, not quietly.) So since it's been awhile I'm gonna hog a whole bunch of space and upload a bunch of pics too. lol
First up is my finished Jaywalker. I completed the pair in January and will definitely knit another pair. I had so many problems with knitting the first one all due to my own lack of concentration. Next time I knit it I'll knit a smaller size though. Even with all my false starts, I still managed to knit one size too large. VBG. I still wear them though as the fabric the yarn made feels soo good.
Next up is my Sofie bag. I knit this out of some of the first yarn I spun. It didn't shrink as much as I thought it would, but I'm happy with the size. I'm planning on lining it and trimming it out. It will probably become my new project bag.
Right after I finished Sophie, my pup ate my wool fingerless gloves. (Not totally, but they're basically garbage now.) I wear these things to drive anytime it's cold outside as I'm developing arthritis in a couple of fingers. At Christmas I was gifted some roving and after I spun it up I decided to try my hand (excuse the pun please) at knitting some gloves. So I give you my first ever knitted gloves. I needed extra length on some of the fingers so I just kept knitting until they fit the way I wanted. I've gotten a lot of use out of these already and will make more for next year.
Last up is my Ugly Socks. The pattern is Yukon Leaves by Lela Conrad and is absolutely wonderful! The "Ugly" is referring to the colors I chose to dye this Knit Picks Bare yarn in a sock dyeing class last year. I was in a hurry to get out of the way and didn't chose my colors wisely enough. Now I wish I had and I certainly will do so in the future. Ironically the socks fit perfectly the first time, no errors and look....even the strips matched up. Oh yeah, and the second one has the best toe grafting on it that I've ever done. I was thinking of giving them a new home, but I think I'll keep them as a reminder to myself of a few things. ;)
Next on the needles is a new pair of slippers for the hubster as he's worn is completely through. Oh and a pair of socks for a friend of mine. And of course I have to cast on something in lace as it's a new skill I'm learning and I'm utterly obsessed by it. I'm sure there will be something for me again in this bunch!
I hope all is well with everyone and that the needles are clicking for you all!


At 16.3.08, Blogger Leah said...

Look at you go girl :) Love those fingerless mitts ~ they look fabulous! You're reminding me to knit my second Yukon Leaves sock. It *is* a great pattern, isn't it? I've almost finished my SSK sweater UFO and will probably pick up the sock next so I can finish that 2-year old pair :)

At 19.3.08, Blogger Cheryl said...

I didn't think your ugly socks were ugly! Call them unique. Your Jaywalker socks were very pretty too and I really liked the colors. It looks like you have been super busy.

At 7.4.08, Blogger April said...

Thanks a bunch. It's funny how color pallets effect different people. My husband likes them, and so do a few other people I know. All I know is that they are super comfy and I've worn them quite a bit! lol. Let's just say they're growing on me.


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