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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hi everyone! It feels good to get back to blogging ~ the summer was really terribly, horribly busy for me (long story ~ but closing my brick and mortar shop nearly killed me!).
Things have slowed down some but are still pretty busy and probably will stay that way for awhile. Good news is, I have LOTS of SSK projects on the needles lurking around as UFO's and I started a sweater for myself earlier this month too. I vow to knit at least one sweater a year for ME :)
I don't have any photos I took myself at the moment but this is the Interweave Knits Summertime Tunic I started early this summer and am almost finished with...I just have to thread the ribbon through and tie on the beads :) I'll get a photo of it asap. I wish that were ME in that photo but alas, my tunic is quite a bit bigger than that one ;> Anyway, it's a FREE PATTERN and really fun to knit if you don't mind acres of stockinette stitch on size 6 needles :)
I'm happy to see that some of you have continued to post in my absence and that's comforting to me. I hope we all get some SSK done this year and continue to post.
The UFO SSK projects I have on the needles are a very plain sweater from Weekend Knits, a Bonnet/Scarf thingee from Knit 2 Together, the Yukon Sox (yes, STILL!), Lacey Riverine Scarf in Jaggerspun Zephyr, The Sheep Shawl Epic Ordeal, and a vest that shall remain unposted at this time. I think that's it but that's not so bad, eh? THEY'RE ALL MINE!!!!!!!!
Back soon...meanwhile, post away Selfish Knitters :)



At 12.3.08, Blogger April said...

That tunic is cute. Have you had a chance to finish yet? Hope all's well with you!


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