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Friday, January 18, 2008

I made these two soda tab purses recently. I hate to say it but they are not knitted, they are crocheted. This is actually the only stitch I can crochet. I love knitting so much more. I did have a fun time making the purses and it pretty much costs nothing, you just have to save the tabs. I did put a lining in them, because there can be some sharp edges. I used Red Heart Black yarn on one and Red Heart Grey on the other. I like the grey better and the bag is also larger. I ended up using 1190 tabs on the grey one.



At 19.1.08, Blogger Leah said...

Those are REALLY cute!

At 20.1.08, Blogger Silver said...

Wow, super cool. :D Now I want one. Hmmm. Might have to force the Significant Other to start drinking soda again...

At 23.1.08, Blogger Cheryl said...

How cool!!! That is alot of soda tabs.

At 12.3.08, Blogger April said...

Oh wow! What a cool idea! Those look great.


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